Friday, April 20, 2012

God was unhappy, and punishing us

  I know a guy who is a self-professed Christian. He does a lot of things for his church group and gives motivational talks on how to be a better Christian man, husband and father. On the onset I felt he was a “good” person, caring for others, and genuinely wanting them to be better people. It wasn’t until we had a conversation where he said that everything wrong with America was because of Gay’s and Atheist’s that I saw his true colors.

  Wait a minute, I said…. Two, minority groups have screwed up the entire United State of America... how is that exactly? He said it was because God was unhappy, and punishing us.

  Let’s break this down. First off, calling the United States of America, America is egocentric, sense America consists of north and south and a lot of other countries. Next, homosexuals and atheists destroying the United States, I did some research and found two atheists, Pete Stark of California and Ernie Chambers a Nebraskan Senator. As for homosexual, there is Barney Frank, Gerry Studds, Steve Gunderson, Jim Kolbe, Tammy Baldwin, Jared Polis, and Mark Foley with a maybe for David Dreier(some are no longer serving but have in the past 20 years) (Members_of_the_111th_US_Congress) So what is the count, 2, which are, 1 federal and 1 state official, who are atheist, and at least 7 homosexuals…. OMG! How can you not see the conspiracy!

  Why does god seems to hate exactly the same people Christians do? Christian’s say they follow Christ, use him as the ultimate guide for who they are supposed to be like, emulate. Christ died for all sins for all time. What sins are Christians willing to die for, certainly not for the sins of unbelief or homosexuality? I don’t think Christian should be a religious title, nobody seems to follow Christ, they should be paulians, or peterians, or matthewmarklukeandjohnians or someofthenewtestamentians.

  The facts are every bill, good law, shady law, discriminatory practice, unfair tax, loophole, guidline, oversight, etc. was passed by a group of Christians, or at the very least, monotheistic religionists that share the same god head, just different messengers. If this country is fucked up, it’s because of Christians; maybe this is what your free will to worship your god leads to, his allowance for you to fuck shit up all by yourselves. Maybe you should stop blaming god for the woes of the United States of America as a form of celestial punishment, and start blaming yourselves, the Christians who put the pin to paper.