Friday, April 17, 2015

Other Questions?

According to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) the Universe is 13.77 billion years, with an uncertainty of only 0.4% and our Solar System is 4.5 billion years old.  If the Abrahamic God exists, that deity would have to be older than 13.77 billion years to have created our Universe or at the very least older than 4.5 billion years to have created our Solar System.

So the questions, wouldn't a being of that age, who created stars to use up hydrogen atoms, then helium to start the process of conversion to carbon and oxygen, to then explode that star so that it could use the carbon to create life on our planet, not to mention all the things that make the Earth a place where that life could thrive, have the ability and foresight to make itself known to those it created with the same precision? Another way to ask it would be, wouldn't a being as old as the universe be able to convey itself in literary form without any need for interpretation, or future readers having to accounting for the socioeconomics of the time it was published?  Wouldn't that deity with all its knowledge and precision leave such an important part, the revelation of who it is, to the cognitive abilities of such a young species?

It has always bothered me that the three main religions today (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) all worship the same deity, the God of Abraham, and yet all of them have such stanch interpretations on what the deity wanted for and from them, all based on who they felt was the correct orator. 

As a parent trying to convey maters of importance to my kid I am not vague, and don’t leave them open to interpretation.  For example, we don’t throw fits, we don’t hit other people, we don’t lie, if you continue doing what you are doing you will go to timeout, etc.  My wife and I are in agreement on these things so it doesn't matter which one of us says it, it’s the same.  This seems natural to me, which is why I have issue with this topic.

Why would I want to follow a deity that is so haphazard in conveying its thoughts, wishes, demands, etc. to those it is claiming to love?  Which leads to another question, if God so loved the earth, wouldn't he or she take more care with its children so they don’t interpret its messages differently and judge, hate, condemn and kill each other over them?

Your thoughts?